Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Great Place On A Great Lake

Hello! It's Allie, the long-lost little wren of the trio. I have been quite busy and neglecting this blog- oops! Thought I'd share some photos of my mini trip to Milwaukee this spring with my boyfriend Andrew. We truly had a great time. I have never thought of Wisconsin as the most exciting place to be, especially since I lived here from birth until age 19- you know how that is. However when Andrew and I came from NY to stay with my family for a while, I got to show him around where I grew up and realized a lot of it is pretty awesome :-D We started the day at Antiques on Second where I had to be torn away from the racks & racks of fabulous vintage clothing because we had a schedule to keep. (Sidenote: One of the dresses I ended up buying was worn by a customer to the Cannes Film Festival- SO NEAT). I also spent quite a while looking through old prints of fruits and vegetables- who knew those could be so intriguing?! After not even making it through 1/5th of the place (!) we moved on to the Lakefront Brewery Tour. This was for Andrew : )  I do not like beer and thought it would be a boring thing to do but found myself enjoying most of it. Plus I got free golden maple root beer that was super delicious. Mmmm. The tour guide was hilarious and we learned a lot of interesting things. Then it was off to take a walk along the lake by the Milwaukee Art Museum. It was a bit cold outside but the architecture was incredibly amazing. We then received many calls from my sister asking us to get home quickly so we could all sit down and have her favorite meal of mom's homeade enchiladas. So homeward bound we were for a nice family meal and a long restful sleep.

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