Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adventures of a Junker

Sometimes I wonder what our neighbors think when we come home looking like this...

 And when this is just the first of three trips we had to make to get all our stuff home...

And when we hang clothes outside and hose off filthy furniture in the middle of November...

If someone stops over unexpectedly they may find our dining room table covered with things like this...

Yes, there is a couch under all of that.

The kitchen is not just for cooking! It's for logging new purchases, of course!

The messes we make are worth it- eventually we unearth our furniture and our house looks like home again (just in time for the next sale!). And those same neighbors that think we're nuts for leaving the house so early on a weekend and arriving home in the afternoon with vans full of junk ask to shop in our house and garage. :)


  1. Annie

    You crack me up ! Doesn't everyone have rooms in their homes that look like that ? And who cares what the nosey neighbors think ? They miss out on all the fun we have . . .

    Miss seeing you, come to Grayslake next weekend ?

    All My Musings

  2. SUSAN!!!! I'll be in San Francisco for work until the 12th so I am going to miss it. :( And you are so right about the neighbors, they do miss out on all the fun. But that's good- less competition.

    Off to check out your blog!

  3. This cracks me up! I also have an etsy shop and it's encouraging to know I'm not the only "Junker"!! For me it's not the neighbors thinking I'm's the hubby. :)
    I love your shops and now your blog!
    Amy (From Chestnut Hill Vintage)