Tuesday, March 20, 2012

As Promised- More Fresh Finds! :)

I love that it's getting warmer out, not only do I get to start working in the yard, but warm weather means Spring cleaning... and Spring cleaning means excellent junking, thrifting, and rummaging!! We are so excited about all the new goodies we've been picking up. If you see something you like, let us know, most likely it will be posted on one of our Etsy sites or brought to one of our upcoming Spring shows. We'd love to reserve something for you ahead of time. Contact us at
These were even more gorgeous after they were cleaned up!
I may have to keep the blue knob- it's gorgeous!!
The illustrations in these books are fantastic.
So excited to show you what we've been doing with old frames. Coming soon in a future post! :)
Love these- they cleaned up beautifully. I was thrilled to get these.

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  1. Great finds as always! I love the whale napkin holders and also the two new books. I am so exited for spring. I was out this weekend and got a few things myself. I don't have a vintage blog so I don't really have anywhere to post things but I am working on that!!!

    Have a great Monday - Brandi