Friday, June 15, 2012

Rust, Ruffles, Restore: The June HHF Show is Just Around the Corner!

We are so glad we could work out our schedule so that we could be at the June Hawthorne Hill Farm shopping market. It is one of our favorite places to vend, and it seems that with each market, Bonnie gets an even bigger following.

This show is titled Rust, Ruffles, Restore! and takes place June 22, 23, 24 from 10am-5pm. Admission is free! The three story barn is located here: 16370 W. Small Rd. New Berlin, WI

Check out and "like" these Facebook pages to see what some of our favorite vendors are up too: Farm Girl Art & Antiques, Seasonal Transitions...For Your Home and Garden, Lady Deco, Somedays... Simple Luxuries for Life... the list of great vendors goes on and on! Be sure to "like" our page and Bonnie's page as well so that you get all the latest updates on what to expect at each show.

Below are some pictures of what have in store for this month's market! See you there!!

Getting the "bones" set up. We'll be bringing a drop leaf farmhouse table (cream and black) with two chairs for the middle of the booth and taking the enamel top table outside.

One of my favorite pieces in our booth. She has four casters and would make an excellent nightstand, accent piece, or even a little entertainment center!

This primitive cabinet has aqua and black on the sides. It is amazing.

We have a few more of these to bring in. They are too cool. Perfect for decorating with.


  1. Can't wait to see this!
    In the meantime, please tell me about white table bottom picture 3 and white shelf and table in picture 4

    1. Hello- not sure of any of the dimensions on these since they are at Hawthorn Hill Farm and I am not, but I can give you prices :D In picture 3 the middle piece that is white and has two tiers is $22, the cream colored larger box is $20 and in picture 4 the middle piece -a gold small table- is $16 and the larger white table below it is $30. See you at the show!

    2. hello again- forgot the white shelf, it is $16 also.