Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Around the House

From a small bookshelf I use to display some of my favorite things in my Etsy room.

I love old glass knobs. That snail print was a gift from my mom who got it on Etsy.
 I have to say, I was teased endlessly about the spring in the picture above. I found it on the floor in the garage of an estate sale, scooped it up, yelled "A Spring!!!" and promptly asked how much it cost. The next time I went to an estate sale run by the same people, the man in the garage saw me coming and let me know he had searched high and low, but had not found any springs yet. :-D

Turtles! Gifts from Allie :)
This Turtles tin is full of wonderful antique buttons. I have an amazing button collection that I'll have to share with you one day. I have tins and boxes and jars full of them. I keep my absolute favorites. Last year for Christmas, Allie gave me a box full of amazing old buttons. It was one of the best gifts I have ever gotten.

Fawn Baby- so sweet. Love the colors and illustrations in the book.

My dad got me the pink/purple dice from a consignment shop. I have a jar filled with cool old dice, but these deserved a place on their own. The little turkey cookie cutter was given to me by one of my favorite estate sale owners- Ginger. She is the most wonderful person. I love going to her sales and seeing her. Once we bought so much stuff at her sale that we accidentally took her reading glasses home with all of our loot!

More gifts and purchases that make me so happy. :)

I truly believe you should surround yourself with people and things that you love. It may mean that your home decor is a bit eclectic at times, but as you continue to collect and reorganize, it becomes much more cohesive and really shows who you are.

Hope you enjoyed!

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