Monday, November 14, 2011

Fresh Finds

Some fresh finds for this blustery day.

Pardon the terrible lighting in these first two pictures- the sun was setting so you can see the shadow of my front porch railing. :) Oh well!
Estate Sale Finds!

I managed to find a pile of numbers at a warehouse sale- they were originally gas station numbers but were used in the warehouse for numbering crates of stuff. They were so dirty, but cleaned up very nicely. I have a zillion of them and plan on dragging them to Junk Bonanza next year!

Lots of rustic stuff at today's sales. I love the industrial look of the stools; they have great bones. The lighting in the next picture is much better as it was taken inside. Still from the same sales- I always find great things buried in people's garages and I'm a sucker for old fixtures. :)

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