Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Vans Are Packed !

A few weeks ago we gathered the bones of our Junk Bonanza booth.  Our poor garage has been a mess ever since.

Today we started to load our trusty old van.  Thank heaven for Dave, the very best packer in the whole world!

This is about an hour into the first vehicle.  Dave kept referring to this process as a big puzzle.  I think those were kind words for this process!

A bit of hope that we may actually park a car in this space soon.

Starting on car number two, I think this was rearranged several times after this picture.

Our hero!  I attribute his extreme patience with this project to the week he just spent fishing in Canada.

Now we will add a car top carrier to each one and head off  to Junk Bonanza.  Shakopee or bust !


  1. How exciting! Reminds me of many hours spent loading cargo vans for one market or another. Have a marvelous time! Wish I could come and see you there. Stop for the night if you are tired :)

  2. Dave's the Man!! I've got one of those expert packers at here at home too! Quite a's wishing you great adventures and safe travel! Cheers!