Monday, September 12, 2011

Yes, He Is Just As Cute In Person

I'm talking about Nate Berkus y'all. I went to see a taping of his show last January. As if my crush on him wasn't large enough before that! Andrew came along with me and even he admitted that Nate was quite the handsome man : ) The episode that day was Home Takeover With Tabatha Coffey. I knew nothing about Tabatha but found her to be such a real, honest person with a super fun sense of humor. She gave great advice on running your own business. In the link I just posted you can see other segments from the show including a little guy with a big heart who is on a mission to save our oceans, a couple's lovely vintage decorated Texas home, and how to organize a home office. That last one was most interesting to me because it talked all about having a business from your own home and trying to keep a nice space for yourself to work from every day. I really related to this and it made me want to put together a calm, happy, well-decorated office area for myself instead of wandering around with my laptop using various areas of my apartment to work from. It doesn't keep me very focused and I'm not always comfortable. Someday I will have an entire space of my own to work in :-D I just keep saying that to myself. Check out this video to learn a bit from Tabatha and Nate. It was truly the most fun morning (beside waiting in line outside in NYC's bitter cold weather- eek. Shouldn't I be used to it by now?). We laughed at the wonderful woman who warmed up the audience, learned the best life lessons and design tips from the one & only Nate, and enjoyed amaaaazing wine & cheese afterward at Ardesia! I took a few pictures of the set that are shown below. It was a bit difficult to catch great shots because you of course can't take pictures during the show so when they weren't actually taping people were usually walking around. Enjoy!  -Allie

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