Friday, September 2, 2011


We have made quite a few friends while out and about to the estate and yard sales around town.  Most are fellow "rummagers" but a few are the people who sell.  A very sweet older woman named Gladys, or Gladdie as her sisters call her, has come to be one.  These amazing women take turns setting up sales between their three homes, cleaning out a bit more each time.  I must be a fairly good customer because Gladdie has taken my number and now gives me a jingle to let me know when one of their sales is coming.  They are all well over 70, set up the old fringed patio umbrella and don their sunhats (a different one every time) and they are in business!  My favorite find this time was this large box of vintage zippers- so much fun.  I came home and dumped them on the kitchen floor and started sorting.  What lovely piles of color they made- all 827 of them!  Best get to work on some new zipper pillows and bags for my elizabethwren shop.

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  1. Cool fine! I miss going to estate sales. Not very many where I live.