Sunday, October 23, 2011

Antique Mall Outing

Old tokens and dice.
Yesterday was so much fun! My mom, dad, and I went to four different antique malls and found loads of treasures. First we went to School Days Mall in Sturtevant. We've been going here for years, but wanted to stop in as we knew they recently opened a third floor of their building. Talk about a lot of antiques!! Even though Allie wasn't with us, we picked up a few old, rare children's books for her. My dad also scored a set of 12 milk bottles in an old wood and metal create (don't worry, the bottles were empty).

The box with the latch is actually an old US Navy "parts" box. It is so very cool- this picture does not do it justice.

After that we were off to Benson Corners Antique Mall in Kenosha. I had never been here and it was absolutely amazing. I liked that it was warm and inviting. Clean, sunny, and spacious. While I love a cluttered antique mall, it's nice to be able to see everything once in awhile. Here we hit the jackpot. Almost every booth had some sort of sale so we got tons of goodies. We are now on the waiting list to hopefully sell here in the future!

The Circus Animals by Leonard Weisgard has 6 fabulous prints inside it!

I have a wonderful collection of these.

On our way home we hit two more places- one that was going out of business (sad) and one that is called the Antique Castle Mall, which we sped through since we ordered a pizza and had to pick it up. :-D

I hope everyone's weekend was as fun and productive as ours. Can't wait to share more pictures from this weekend. There are so many that these are just a few of my finds!


  1. what a fun day we had! thanks for hanging out with us :D