Thursday, October 13, 2011

Door County in Autumn

It just doesn't get any better than going to Door County in October. Autumn there is just spectacular. The trees are every color- from green to yellow, orange to red, they are phenomenal to look at. Mike and I went there last weekend with our good friends John and Dana. We had the most wonderful time and couldn't have asked for better weather or colors.
Pulled over on my way home from the antique mall to take this picture- I love the cows!

Our friends- Dana and John at Cave Point

I hit up my favorite antique malls and found a few goodies for myself, as well as allthingswhite and elizabethwrenvintage! The pennants and bow tie were perfect for Allie, and those little white shoes will be so cute in my mom's shop. I love old cheese boxes and may keep that vase for myself. I think I'm going to fill the tin with my Christmas tags and bring them to a sale my mom and I are doing in November (more info to come on that soon!).

One of my favorite places to visit is Toft's Point. While I love Peninsula State Park and always go there to hike and climb the tower, Toft's Point is so quiet. You rarely run into another person and there are some old houses there that I seriously want to live in... well, if we could add heat and plumbing. I have a feeling it would be fairly cold there in the winter!
Peninsula State Park
On our hike in Peninsula State Park

Here are some pictures from Toft's Point- it's not like hiking in Peninsula State Park. It's a pretty straight shot, not difficult at all. There are a few eagles' nests if you remember to look up. We also saw a snake and a tree frog! There were tons of trees down as there was a huge storm with really strong winds not too long before we got there. The parks were shut down for a week just so that they could get the trees cleaned up for cars and people to be able to get through. It made me sad to see so many trees down, but Mike reminded me that it allows sunlight to get to the ground so that new trees can grow. Always the optimist!

One of the houses I'd love to live in! :-D

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